Be The Volunteer Of Young Leader Program 2013


Volunteer Rights:

1. The entire Volunteer entitled to full access to find out any information about the activities of Youth Leadership Program (YLP) 2013 and meet, interact, build a network with speakers and fellow volunteer of YLP 2013.2. The entire volunteer eligible for ID card / badge for 2013 YLP activities3. The entire volunteer of YLP 2013 are entitled to a certificate of Volunteer YLP 2013.

4. The entire volunteer of YLP 2013 are entitled to all the attributes of volunteer YLP 2013.

5. The selected volunteers entitled to accommodation and lodging during YLP 2013 took place.

6. Those entitled to be a volunteer is anyone who has the motivation and ability to succeed in YLP 2013 and serious about helping the implementation of YLP 2013. However,  if the same capabilities, the 2013 YLP participants preferred.

Volunteer Liability:

1. YLP 2013 Volunteer obligated to carry out the duties with full responsibility and are willing to bear its own costs, to and from, throughout the event2. YLP 2013 Volunteer obliged to bear the cost of tickets and accommodation on the way to Cibubur (location of activity).3. Volunteer of YLP 2013 proposed position of interest in accordance with the qualification (table attached to the division of labor)

4. Volunteer of YLP 2013 obliged to meet job responsibilities as timeline (attached) with discipline.

5. Volunteer of YLP 2013 required complying with all rules, guidelines tasks and decisions that have been set up Steering Committee YLP 2013.

Members of  Steering Comittee YLP 2013, as follows:

1. Azwar Hasan (Initiator of ‘Let Sharing Movement’ – Youth  
    Leadership Program (YLP)
2. Prof. Eko Prasodjo (Deputy Minister of Kementrian 

    Pemberdayaan Aparatur Negara dan Reformasi Birokrasi)
3. Yenni Wahid (Wahid Institute Director)
4. Ratih Amri (Legal Director of PT. Vale Indonesia)
5. Kendartanti (Communications Consultant)


Volunteer Application Form

Download File

Timeline YLP 2013.xlsx

Download File


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