Start From Ourselves To Face Water Crisis

abudhabi sustainable week 2013

This article is written to take participation on Abudhabi  Sustainable week blog contest  

The water crisis is everywhere and it’s not only world’s leaders duty to solve the problems but it is our responsibility to take part in action as we are the dweller of this universe. But unfortunately most of us are not aware in this case, we used all of the energy without considering what will happen in the next 20 years from now which will be a big problem for our offspring.

We also need to realize the fact that many horrible  things caused by water related disease and vulnerable victims affected by the disease are children. Beside that, the human population increase every year which causing the water pollution too as the industry produce more product to fulfill human need and it creates another new problems.

Most of region with water problem has a little finance support from the local government and this should be the urgent thing the local government need to solve to prevent the further problem and of course it need the central government to take part, but unluckily this problem is more complex than what we think.

It  needs require special handling with the help of experts , the leaders of the world should share their though and ideas so that each of leader can implement of the success project of another leader when they came  back and adopting the system to the place where they live.

Talking about water reminds me about Ryan, the great little boy from Canada who is aware about water problems, he start fundraising in 1998 to make a well for the children in Uganda. He was a child but his act so inspire us  that someone out there need our help to have a better life at least a clean water. And it’s becoming a homework to all of us to make a different in this world.

From him we can learn that the most important thing what we can do is spreading the message to all the citizen of the world to be concern on water and energy usage. Social media is the effective way to share this message , creating a better world is much easier than ever.

Return to our daily life, if one family can save as much and water and energy it means they safe another family in the next generation. Just stick it to our mind that 884 million people do not have clean water and 343 million people without access in, by this way we will be wiser on using water.

As for the industry supposed to be wise on using the resources and producing environmentally friendly goods. And the leaders should take part on making policy with the government to industries for the shake of better world. When the government implemented the policy, then the policy will be adhered to by every institution .

Article by : Nayah 


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